Assisted Living with an Independent Spirit


Professional & Customized Care You Can Trust

For Seniors & Adults with special needs

With 20 years’ experience providing customized care for seniors and adults with special needs, Olive Branch understands the unique balance between the desire for independence at home and the need for compassionate and supportive care.

Moving to one of Olive Branch’s assisted homes is a smooth transition that will bring peace and tranquility. First, we meet extensively with each potential resident to assess each person’s unique needs and desires. Based on this insight, Olive Branch matches potential residents with the optimal home and caregiving support. Next, a comprehensive and individualized care plan is developed to ensure optimal health and wellbeing along with the consistency of care. Finally, Olive Branch takes time to establish and review each resident’s goals in Care Team meetings that are held routinely based on resident input and alignment goals.

What we do

Living our C.A.R.E. Values:

At Olive Branch, our expert team of personal care workers, nurses and experienced care managers take pride in helping all residents live out our Value Statement.

  1. Our expert team encourages all residents to Create & Cherish Memories through reminiscing on the past and treasuring the present moment to create new memories. Life is lived to its fullest when we are present in each moment.
  2. At Olive Branch, we are committed to Aide Independence by understanding each resident’s individual desires, needs, and abilities. Our personal care workers are skilled at providing just the right amount of assistance while allowing maximum independence, so everyone feels supported and respected.
  3. Every day there are opportunities to Respect Potential & Experiences while Olive Branch’s residents and staff teach and share back and forth. Olive Branch’s staff seek to encourage each resident to achieve his or her personal potential while also realizing the possibility to learn from each resident.
  4. Each Olive Branch home looks for its own unique ways to Engage in Community both within the home and outside of the home. At Olive Branch, we’re passionate that connecting with others is pivotal to making life worth living.

Single-family homes located in
Waterford & Bulington, WI

Each Olive Branch home is located in a quiet neighborhood and provides private bedrooms for no more than four residents, semi-private bathroom space, shared living and dining space along with outdoor leisure space.

About Olive Branch Communities

The symbolism of the olive tree and olive branch go back thousands of years as a representation of friendship and reconciliation, in addition to the biblical symbolism of peace, hope and safety after the flood. Additionally, Olive in Greek means “to shine” – olive oil was used to fuel lamps during the Israelites exodus from Egypt. At Olive Branch Communities, we are looking to “shine a new light” on the way seniors and adults with unique abilities are cared for and supported while still maintaining independence.

The overall goal of Olive Branch is to provide safety and personalized care in a setting that truly feels like HOME so we strive to make each resident’s personal choices a reality through maximizing each resident’s independence.

Local and on-site, available 24 / 7, 25+ years of combined experience in homecare, program management and day programming.

We recognize each person is different, so we tailor each resident’s care plan to unsure we provide just the right level of assistance with medication management, personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping and support of leisure time activities. Additionally, our residents do not have to worry about any of the typical aspects of homeownership (vehicle maintenance, utilities/bill management, and general home up-keep) because we manage all of this.

Homes are located in quaint neighborhoods with lush green yards where you can easily sit outside to watch the birds or do some gardening. Our assisted homes have no more than four residents with staff available 24-hours a day to provide care and assistance. We also help manage doctor and other appointment schedules and provide safe and comfortable transportation to appointments.

What People Say


Olive Branch is very thorough, caring, and shows compassion for her residents. When I had to call regarding one of the residents, staff was on top of their care and because they were so quick this resident recovered quickly. Not often do you find a group home or facility that shows empathy and compassion like Olive Branch staff do. I highly recommend this company to care for your loved ones.

Fame Clementi

Fame Clementi

Program Manager

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